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Baby, The Rain Must Fall 1965
Back To Bataan Back To Bataan 1945
The Bad Seed The Bad Seed 1956
Black Friday Black Friday 1940
Blood Alley Blood Alley 1955
Charlie Chan At The Race Track 1936
The City 1977
Crime Ring 1938
The Crimson Trail 1935
Day Of The Evil Gun Day Of The Evil Gun 1968
The Desert Trail 1935
Devil's Canyon 1953
Dirty Dingus Magee Dirty Dingus Magee 1970
Down Mexico Way 1941
Dr. Cyclops Dr. Cyclops 1940
El Dorado El Dorado 1967
Emergency Call 1933
Escape From Crime 1942
The Ex-Mrs. Bradford The Ex-Mrs. Bradford 1936
An Eye For An Eye 1966
Fair Wind To Java 1953
The Fighting Kentuckian The Fighting Kentuckian 1949
Fighting Man Of The Plains 1949
The Fighting Seabees The Fighting Seabees 1944
Flame Of Barbary Coast Flame Of Barbary Coast 1945
Flirtation Walk Flirtation Walk 1934
The Ghost Breakers The Ghost Breakers 1940
The Girl And The Gambler 1939
Glamour For Sale 1940
Grayeagle Grayeagle 1978
The Great Missouri Raid 1950
Grissly's Millions 1945
Guilty Or Innocent: The Sam Sheppard Murder Case 1975
Guns, Girls And Gangsters 1958
Hellfire 1948
Hitler: Dead Or Alive 1942
Hondo Hondo 1953
Jet Pilot 1957
Johnny Guitar Johnny Guitar 1954
Just Me And You 1980
Lafayette Escadrille Lafayette Escadrille 1958
The Last Mile 1932
Man In The Shadow Man In The Shadow 1957
Mannequin Mannequin 1937
Miss Pacific Fleet 1935
Night Of The Lepus Night Of The Lepus 1972
Night Passage Night Passage 1957
The Notorious Mr. Monks 1958
The Outrage The Outrage 1964
Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid 1973
Phantom Patrol 1937
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh 1942
The Plot Thickens 1936
Red River Red River 1948
Ride The Man Down 1952
Rocky Rhodes 1935
Santiago Santiago 1956
The Sea Chase The Sea Chase 1955
Set This Town On Fire 1969
Shenandoah Shenandoah 1965
Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Weapon Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Weapon 1942
Shoot Out Shoot Out 1971
The Sons Of Katie Elder The Sons Of Katie Elder 1965
Souls At Sea Souls At Sea 1937
South Of Santa Fe 1942
Star Of Texas 1953
To Kill a Mockingbird To Kill a Mockingbird 1962
Toward The Unknown Toward The Unknown 1956
Tycoon Tycoon 1947
The Undefeated The Undefeated 1969
Wake Of The Red Witch Wake Of The Red Witch 1948
Wanda Nevada Wanda Nevada 1979
Western Gold 1937
What Price Glory? 1952
Winchester '73 Winchester '73 1967
Winterset 1936
Young Billy Young Young Billy Young 1969
Zabriskie Point Zabriskie Point 1970
Zoo In Budapest 1933