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Ella Enchanted Blu-rayDVD Ella Enchanted

Anne Hathaway
Hugh Dancy
Cary Elwes
Patrick Bergin

Talk To Her DVD Talk To Her

Rosario Flores
Javier Camara
Dario Grandinetti
Leonor Watling

Ella Enchanted / Finding Neverland Blu-ray Ella Enchanted / Finding Neverland 2021
Ella Bella Bingo DVD Ella Bella Bingo

Summer Fontana
Mara Junot

London Mitchell's Christmas Blu-rayDVD London Mitchell's Christmas

Aaron D. Spears
Lisa Wu
Taja V. Simpson
Timon Kyle Durrett

Ella Brennan: Commanding The Table

Patricia Clarkson
Ella Brennan
Emeril Lagasse
Paul Prudhomme

Joni Mitchell: Let's Sing Out

Joni Mitchell

Sabre Ella DVD Sabre Ella 2016
Vashawn Mitchell: Secret Place Live Johannesburg 2016
DVD Spiritual Realms by Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson 2015
Finesse Mitchell: Snap Famous DVD Finesse Mitchell: Snap Famous

Finesse Mitchell

Ella Lucifer Y Yo 2007
DVD Celabration: Tribute to Ella Jenkins Live 2007
DVD Vashawn Mitchell & Friends: Promises 2007
Ella Fitzgerald & Tommy Flanagan Trio 77 2006
Jazz Icons: Ella Fitzgerald 2006
Ella Fitzgerald: Live at Montreux 1969 2005
Songwriters: Burton Lane / Mitchell Parish 2005
DVD Joni Mitchell: With Words & Music 2004
Joni Mitchell: Refuge of the Roads DVD Joni Mitchell: Refuge of the Roads 2004
Frank Sinatra Show with Ella Fitzgerald 2004
DVD Joni Mitchell: Shadows & Light Concert 2003
Mst 3000: Mitchell 1996
A Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story

Shannen Doherty
Rue McClanahan
Dale Midkiff
John Clark Gable

Frank Sinatra:Ella And Jobim 1991
Mitchell DVD Mitchell

Joe Don Baker
Martin Balsam
Linda Evans

The Court-Martial Of Billy Mitchell Blu-rayDVD The Court-Martial Of Billy Mitchell

Gary Cooper
Charles Bickford
Ralph Bellamy
Rod Steiger

Ella Cinders DVD Ella Cinders

Coleen Moore

DVD Finesse Mitchell: The Spirit Told Me to Tell You

Finesse Mitchell

Joni Mitchell: Both Sides Now Live at Isle of Wight 1970 2018
Joni Mitchell: Woman of Heart & Mind / Painting with Words & Music 2014
Ella the Elephant: The Magic of Friendship 2014
Por Ella Soy Eva 2013
American Masters: Margaret Mitchell, American Rebel 2012
Joan Mitchell: Portrait of an Abstract Painter 2010
Joni Mitchell: The Fiddle and the Drum 2009
Ella Fitzgerald: The Legendary First Lady of Song 2007
We All Love Ella: A Tribute to 1st Lady of Song 2007
Winning Spirit with Joe Montana & Tom Mitchell 2005

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