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...All The Marbles ...All The Marbles 1981
Abigail Harm Abigail Harm 2012
Amityville II: The Possession 1982
Back To School 1986
Backstreet Dreams 1990
Beckman Beckman 2020
Before Women Had Wings 1997
Betsy's Wedding 1990
Beverly Hills Brats 1989
Blood Beach 1981
Blood Red 1986
Bottom of the 9th 2019
Bright Angel Bright Angel 1990
Carlito's Way: Rise to Power Carlito's Way: Rise to Power 2005
Carnera: The Walking Mountain 2010
The Choirboys The Choirboys 1977
Cinderella Liberty 1973
Club Fed 1991
Columbo: Undercover 1994
Convoy Convoy 1978
Daddy, I Don't Like It Like This 1978
The Deadly Game 1976
The Deli 1997
Diving In 1990
Double Deception 1993
Excessive Force Excessive Force 1993
The Florentine 1999
The Gambler The Gambler 1974
Go Go Tales 2009
Going Overboard Going Overboard 1989
The Great Niagara 1974
Harry And Walter Go To New York Harry And Walter Go To New York 1976
Heaven Before I Die 1997
Hit And Run 1996
Hustling 1975
Kicked In The Head 1997
The Killer Elite The Killer Elite 1975
Kiss the Bride 2004
Land of Plenty 2005
The Last Don 1997
Last Exit To Brooklyn 1989
Lookin' To Get Out Lookin' To Get Out 1982
Mickey Blue Eyes Mickey Blue Eyes 1999
The Mouse 1996
Murder Can Hurt You 1980
New York, I Love You 2009
North Star 1996
Once Upon A Time In America Once Upon A Time In America 1984
Over The Brooklyn Bridge 1984
Plan B 2002
Red Blooded 2 1996
Road to the Lemon Grove Road to the Lemon Grove 2021
Rob the Mob Rob the Mob 2014
Rocky Rocky 1976
Rocky Balboa Rocky Balboa 2006
Rocky II Rocky II 1979
Rocky III Rocky III 1982
Rocky III / Rocky IV Rocky III / Rocky IV 2020
Rocky IV Rocky IV 1985
Rocky V Rocky V 1990
Sweetwater Sweetwater 2023
Table One 2002
Tapestry Tapestry 2019
Transamerica 2005
Twilight's Last Gleaming 1977
Uncle Joe Shannon Uncle Joe Shannon 1978
The Undertaker's Wedding 1997
Vault Vault 2019
Vendetta II: The New Mafia 1993
Vendetta: Secrets Of A Mafia Bride 1991
Wait Until Spring, Bandini 1989
Win Win 2011
Woman Of The Year 1976
Zarra's Law 2015