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Eena Meena Deeka: Season One, Volume Seven

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On DVD November 12, 2020


Eena Meena Deeka is the story of a constant chase between a cunning, hungry fox and three chicks. The fox is forever on the prowl and the chicks are always ready to foil his plans. Angry and defeated, the fox is even more determined to get his targets with each consequent failure. This is volume seven of the series and it contains episodes 73-84. Episode 73: Eena, Meena, and Deeka are in a skating rink trying their hand at ice skating when Foxie follows them inside and the chase begins. Episode 74: It's the Holi festival and Foxie is celebrating. He manages to catch Meena, but Eena and Deeka are on their way to rescue her! Episode 75: It's Dusherra and Foxie comes in the disguise of Ravana to catch Eena, Meena, and Deeka. Episode 76: Eena, Meena, and Deeka are running a bakery when Foxie smells a delicious pie and ends up there.Episode 77: Foxie is showing off as an F1 racecar driver to the media. However, Eena, Meena, and Deeka race in and steal his thunder. Episode 78: It's a beautiful day and Eena, Meena, and Deeka are out cycling in their triple-seat bicycle. Episode 79: Eena, Meena, and Deeka are shopping when they enter a psychic shop that's owned by Foxie in disguise. Episode 80: Eena, Meena, and Deeka have opened a carpenter shop and Foxie spots them. Episode 81: While escaping from the clutches of Foxie, Eena, Meena, and Deeka chance upon a mischievous baby crocodile who is separated from his mother. Episode 82: Eena, Meena, and Deeka are playing with snowballs in a snow-covered mountain when Foxie spots them. Episode 83: Eena, Meena, and Deeka buy their own hotel. Episode 84: Eena, Meena, and Deeka are painting in an art studio when Foxie drops in and spots the chicks.

Not Rated.

Released by Dreamscape Media. See more credits.