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George Lucas: An Unauthorized Tribute DVD George Lucas: An Unauthorized Tribute 2020
Lucas Debargue: To Music 2019
Sportfishing: Marlin at the Gate Cabo San Lucas 2018
Vampires: Lucas Rising DVD Vampires: Lucas Rising 2016
Panic 5 Bravo DVD Panic 5 Bravo

Kuno Becker
Papile Aurora
Dan Rovzar
Raul Mendez

Live 2 Tell: The Lucas Torres Story 2012
The People vs. George Lucas DVD The People vs. George Lucas

David Prowse
Tom Payne
Joe Nussbaum
Bill Plympton

Bravo Pavarotti\ 2010
Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas

Antonio Sabato Jr.
Kostas Sommer
Kelly Curran
Nicolas Canel

Animals Rock with Lucas Miller: Volume 1 Monarchs Metamorphosis & More 2009
All The Right Moves / Lucas 2008
Sexy World: Cabo San Lucas 2003
El Mar De Lucas 2003

Carlos Gallardo
Richard Livingston
Gustavo Ganem
Edi Xol


Corey Haim
Kerri Green
Charlie Sheen
Courtney Thorne-Smith

Lucas Tanner

David Hartman
Rosemary Murphy
Kathleen Quinlan
Ramon Bieri

Rio Bravo Blu-rayDVD Rio Bravo

John Wayne
Dean Martin
Ricky Nelson
Angie Dickinson

Gunfight at Rio Bravo 2023
Kilo Two Bravo DVD Kilo Two Bravo

David Elliot
Mark Stanley
Scott Kyle
Benjamin O'Mahony

Men of War / Bravo Two Zero

Multi-Movie Set

Johnny Bravo: Season Two

Jeff Bennett (voice)
Brenda Vaccaro (voice)
Mae Whitman (voice)

Bravo Chef: Collection 2011
Ordinary Decent Criminal / Bravo Two Zero

Multi-Movie Set

Johnny Bravo: Season One DVD Johnny Bravo: Season One

Seth MacFarlane (voice)
Don Knotts (voice)
Donny Osmond (voice)

All The Right Moves / Lucas / The Wrestler

Multi-Movie Set

Bravo Chef: Italian Cuisine 2009
Bravo Chef: French Cuisine 2009
Bravo Chef: Fish & Seafood 2009
Bravo Chef: Chicken 2009
Forever Tango with Luis Bravo: Live From Teatro 2008
John Wayne: Rio Bravo/The Searchers

Multi-Movie Set

Superfly: The True, Untold Story of Frank Lucas - An American Gangster 2007
Girls Bravo Volume 6 2006
DVD Girls Bravo Box Set 2006
Girls Bravo Volume 1 2005
Girls Bravo Volume 2 2005
Girls Bravo Volume 4 2005
Girls Bravo Volume 5 2005
Cowboys / Rio Bravo 2004
Pistoleros De Rio Bravo 2004
Barrio Bravo De Tepito 2003
Bravo Two Zero DVD Bravo Two Zero

Sean Bean
Jamie Bartlett
Kevin Collins
Ian Curtis

Bravo Company: Tour Of Duty II

Terence Knox
Stephen Caffrey
Joshua Maurer
Kevin Conroy

A Stranger At Paso Bravo

Anthony Steffen
Giulia Rubini
Adriana Ambesi
Eduardo Fayardo

Escape From Fort Bravo Blu-rayDVD Escape From Fort Bravo

William Holden
Eleanor Parker
John Forsythe
William Demarest

Luciano Pavarotti: Bravo Pavarotti 2010

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