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After Tonight 1933
Angels With Broken Wings 1941
Any Gun Can Play 1967
Apache War Smoke 1952
The Bad And The Beautiful The Bad And The Beautiful 1952
Bandido 1956
Barbarosa Barbarosa 1982
Beauty And The Bandit 1946
Beneath the 12-Mile Reef Beneath the 12-Mile Reef 1953
Between God, The Devil And A Winchester 1968
The Big Circus The Big Circus 1959
The Black Pearl 1977
The Bullfighter And The Lady The Bullfighter And The Lady 1951
Caboblanco Caboblanco 1980
Call Her Savage Call Her Savage 1932
Captain Kidd Captain Kidd 1945
Catch Me If You Can 1959
Cheyenne Autumn Cheyenne Autumn 1964
The Christian Licorice Store 1971
Crisis Crisis 1950
The Deadly Tower The Deadly Tower 1975
Del Odio Nace El Amor 1951
The Diamond Queen 1953
The Dude Goes West The Dude Goes West 1948
Each One For Himself 1968
Every Man For Himself Every Man For Himself 1968
Fast Hand Is Still My Name 1974
For A Few Bullets More 1967
The French Line 1954
The Furies The Furies 1950
Gambling On The High Seas 1940
The Gay Cavalier 1946
Gigolettes Of Paris 1933
Glory Alley 1952
Go Kill And Come Back 1967
Guns Of The Timberland Guns Of The Timberland 1960
Incident On A Dark Street 1972
Islands In The Stream 1977
Isle Of Missing Men Isle Of Missing Men 1942
Juarez Juarez 1939
King Of The Bandits 1947
Ladies Love Danger 1935
The Last Of The Fast Guns 1958
The Last Train From Madrid The Last Train From Madrid 1937
Life Begins 1932
Malaya Malaya 1949
Mark Of The Renegade 1951
The Mark Of Zorro 1974
Men Of The North Men Of The North 1930
The Midnight Story 1957
The Miracle Of Our Lady Of Fatima The Miracle Of Our Lady Of Fatima 1952
My Life With Caroline 1941
My Six Convicts 1952
Mystery Woman 1935
Our Betters Our Betters 1933
Parisian Romance Parisian Romance 1932
The Passionate Plumber 1932
Pirates Of Monterey 1947
The Racers 1955
Rangers Of Fortune 1940
Riding The California Trail 1947
Robin Hood Of Monterey 1947
The Ruthless Four 1968
The Sacketts The Sacketts 1979
Sam Cooper's Gold 1968
Samar 1962
The Sea Hawk The Sea Hawk 1940
South Of Monterey 1947
Ten Tall Men 1951
That Lady 1955
Three Violent People Three Violent People 1956
Thunder Bay Thunder Bay 1953
Thunder Trail 1937
The Torch 1950
The Treasure Of Pancho Villa 1955
Treasure Of Tayopa 1974
Underwater! Underwater! 1955
We Were Strangers 1949
The Wild And The Innocent 1959