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Stark Raving Mad

2003 Crime/Comedy Rated R 101 Minutes

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On DVD January 13, 2004

Ben (Seann William Scott) is a likeable National Geographic-obsessed guy who is working off the debt that his dead brother owed to a local thug (Lou Diamond Phillips).

He has one last chance to clear the slate by staging a rave next door to a bank that has a valuable statue in its vault. With the music pounding, Ben, and his gang of expert bank robbers, must blast through the wall and steal the statue.

But there are lots of factors in their way, including the club's cranky owner, a rival gang leader, Ben's bitter ex, a couple of FBI agents and a nymphomaniac 16-year-old.

Rated R for strong sexual content, language, some drug use and violence.

Released by Sony Pictures. See more credits.