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Slow Burn

2000 Action Rated R 97 Minutes

No art available

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On DVD September 12, 2000


A story of three unlikely, unwilling and unpredictable partners who are forced to work together to recover a fortune in stolen diamonds. Beautiful Trina has spent a lifetime in the blistering Mexican desert, determined to find the priceless gems her mother and grandmother foolishly sacrificed their lives for. But just as she closes in on the lost treasure, she is shocked to discover that two escaped convicts have beaten her to it. Taken prisoner by the pair, Trina befriends her captors, trying to gain their confidence. But under the scorching desert sun, loyalty and trust are as rare as an ice-cold stream, while greed and violence become as common as scorpions among the sands.

Rated R.

Released by Artisan. See more credits.