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2021 Drama Not Rated

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Armand Duval, aspiring law student and scion of a wealthy family, becomes infatuated with Marguerite Gautier, who calls herself 'Camille.' In his naivete, he does not realize she is a notorious prostitute known in every house of debauchery in Paris. Armand abandons both his studies and his family for her, and the two lovers while away the days in an idyllic countryside retreat. They survive on money pulled from Armand's share of the Duval family fortune. When Armand's father learns of this, he becomes enraged, and orders Marguerite to never see his son again. Devastated, she returns to her former life of ill repute. Visiting a vice den one night, Marguerite encounters a drunken Armand, who mistakenly believes she left him for a richer man. The two former lovers have been given one last chance to rekindle their romance, or remain strangers forever...

Russian-born silent screen siren Alla Nazimova stars in this contemporary updating of the classic play by Alexandre Dumas. Matching her for passion and sex appeal is co-star Rudolph Valentino, then riding the first wave of his fame after his star-making turn in Rex Ingram's The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921). The two were brought together by Valentino's second wife, art designer Natacha Rambova (rumored by many to have also been Nazimova's lesbian lover.) According to film historian William K. Everson, "the most interesting contribution is made by Natacha Rambova...whose bizarre, expressionistic sets and decor are both eye-popping and dramatic." Valentino, however, was unhappy that Nazimova got all the close-ups and felt his leading man role was little more than a glorified supporting part. He was correct in that the eccentric, strong-willed actress often encouraged director Ray Smallwood to push Valentino to the side. Because of this Valentino soon left Metro Pictures, signing a contract with Paramount. It was there he made The Sheik (1921), the film that would cement his status as a Hollywood legend. Camille would be remade in 1937 by director George Cukor starring Greta Garbo and Robert Taylor.

Not Rated.

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