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PlayStation 4

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Published by U&I Entertainment
Rated T

The Wizards is a VR adventure game set in a fantasy world. It takes you on a quest to save the Realm of Meliora, a magic-infused dimension parallel to our own. Join Aurelius, a master wizard trapped in the streams of time, as he guides you to power and glory in a battle against nefarious forces threatening the land. You will travel through time and space to visit spectacular locations in three diverse regions.

The Wizards features a unique spellcasting system that relies entirely on hand gestures, tracked by PS Move controllers: each of the spells available in the game relies on a specific hand movement rather than button combinations or skill bar pop-ups. This affords an incredible level of immersion and challenges you to a whole new kind of mastery. Rather than memorize button combinations, you perform the ingame actions yourself - how well you learn the magic will determine your power!

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